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LES, Lavinia's Eco Solutions, aims to co-create and enhance real sustainable development on the international scale through creative, novel, innovative, and inspiring activities.

LES focusses on the social- sustainability of people: Mental Heatlh of how we interact with ourselves and each other, as well as the eco side of sustainability of how we treat Planet Earth. This all through coaching & leadership, awareness raising activities (e.g. workshops and presentations), research & consultancy and generating creative solutions.

LES is being inspired by creating impact! How? You can find out on this webpage. 

If you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, and ideas to create together a better planet, please do not hesitate to contact me through info@laviniaes.com.

Enjoy! Get Inspired & Motivated!

'Let's lead together to More through LES and be that drop in the universe which makes a difference!' Lavinia Warnars, owner & founder of LES.  

What should be the focus of sustainability?
All of above


February 2016

LES, focusses mainly on the social and eco side of sustainability. Because, without the social sustainability of how we treat ourselves and each other, there is no eco side of sustainability of how we treat Planet Earth.

1. The Social Side of Sustainability: LES will here focus mainly on mental health how we are as persons and how we are betweem persons through coaching, leadership, and empowerment&relationships. LES activities include: coaching, (semi) academic articles, blogs, and awareness raising activities (presentations, media, workshops, events).

2. The Eco Side of Sustainability: the green side focusses on environmental issues, climate change, sustainability solutions, natural resources (oil, coal, gas) mainly in relation to biodiverse areas, indigenous peoples, and equity. LES focusses on research & consultancy, awareness raising activities (presentations, workshops, events), (semi) academic articles and blogs. 


Questions, tips, interviews? info@laviniaes.com