About LES

Vision & Mission

LES  stands for: Lavinia’s Eco Solutions

LES InspiresStimulates and Motivates people to lead together to More to:

  • Co-create societies based on respect and caring for nature and humans; 
  • therefore, making People and Planet the focus of societies; and 
  • see Profit and Law as tools to stimulate the below.

Lavinia Warnars: I envision to co-create and enhance sustainability on a global scale, where social and ecological values are put first and are foremost important, rather than economic gain. 

Eco: stands for all that is natural: water, forests, animals, rocks, sand, insects, humans, and more. Thus Eco stands for all that lives and alternates in time. This is accompanied with the premise that we are all interconnected with each other and nature, living in one biosphere and on one beautiful planet. 

Solutions: there are quite some challenges with regards to the Eco part, including climate change, deforestation, pollution, biodiversity loss, injustice, violence,  and more. LES focuses mainly on solutions due to the inspiring and positive energy.  


In a nutshell.....

This image of safeandgreenliving.blogspot.ca shows nicely what I mean by changing to Eco Solutions: from Ego centred to Eco /Equity centred societies.