Responsibility and new economies

August 14, 2012

If we talk about environment and climate change, often the aspect of ‘responsibility’ is mentioned. Many argue that the western world needs to take up its responsibility for pollution and environmental destruction. Some argue that also upcoming developing countries need to take up their responsibilities for their own destruction and pollution. Others argue that, in the sense of generations, the current generation needs to take up its responsibility.

I think it is in the hands of us all how we decide how the future will look like. Sustainable development would have to go hand in hand with social and economic development and would have to be beneficial for a country more on the long term than ‘normal-oil based economies’. This, since there is a price to pay for the destruction and pollution of this oil-based economies. Interconnection with the world is here also of crucial importance since with globalization, everything and everyone is better connected to other parts of the world than ever before. Also pollution and destruction is therefore apparent all over the world.

As such, I would argue that indeed the western world takes up its responsibility by investing themselves in a circular and sustainable economy, based on ecosystems functioning of substance circulation. Furthermore, they also should take up responsibility to support developing countries to develop sustainably, and thus, to develop better than the western world. The developing countries have the responsibility to indeed develop into sustainable and circular economies and societies. 


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