A Chistmas message

December 23, 2013

Christmas is near. All lights are lit, the Christmas tree is ready, gifts are bought, and food and beverages are being prepared. The cosy holiday season has started. In the spirit of this, I wanted to share some ideas, insights, and feelings regarding spirituality and sustainability. After all, it is a time where we think over our inner self and the way we portray it to the outside.

Let me start with the difference between religion and spirituality. Religion is in my view quite a different thing than spirituality since religion is more often bound to certain rules of behavior, set by a book, church, person or a divine personality. Spirituality is open and free and not bound to certain rules of behavior. Rather, it is a path towards our inner self and enlightenment from within, which transcends to the outer world into good deeds, thoughts and behavior. However, both religion and spirituality search for the same ultimate aim of life: love and beloved. 

Then the ultimate existential question comes about which both religion and spirituality aims at answering: where do we come from? In my last blog I touched upon the fact that we are all made of stars. But where do those stars come from? Well, things started from nothing, followed by a big bang, meaning: particles exploded into each other and then we had an expanding universe. But how did that big bang started? That's the question of whether there is a God and/or divine being which started all this. Will we ever know the answer? Do we want to know the answer? Yes, we want to know, since as human beings we are always searching for more knowledge about our own background. Our own existence. But let me turn back to the main Christmas message here.

Spirituality has much to do with sustainability since all in all, sustainability is quite spiritual. Indeed, sustainability means: taking care of current and future generations. Therefore, sustainability asks from actors to make the shift from self centered beings towards being compassionate with others, including animals, which are near to us in time and space (family) and those further away of us in time and space (other side of world and those which came not yet into being). Thus, it is a shift from ego centered to eco centered beings (see picture below). This makes it actually quite in line with religious beliefs and spirituality. All in all, what it is all about is love and compassion for that what 'is' on earth and beyond.

So let's focus on that shift in order to become good sentient beings which care for our surroundings and beyond.

Enjoy the Christmas holidays and have a great, inspiring and energetic 2014!




Source: safeandgreenliving.blogspot.ca 

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