Let's lead together to More through LES in 2014!


December 31, 2013

Dear all, here a personal message from my side due to New Years eve and the path in front of me and LES in the new year. I know I have wished you already a good 2014, but I here like to share my personal story on 2013 and my/LES' future for 2014.

Let me first look back on 2013. 2013 started with my new job as Junior Program Officer on Renewable Energy and Carbon Finance at Hivos in the light of the Advanced Master in International Development (AMID). I started with a lot of energy and a positive vibe. I learned quickly what my job entailed, and started to delve into a story I would never have thought of looking into before: bioslurry (a good natural fertilizer), aka: poo (check earlier blog on Bioslurry & Biogas). I have written a book on the application of bioslurry onto different crops for smallholder farmers and practitioners in the field of agriculture and biogas. In addition, I learned much about Carbon Finance and the technicalities of it.

The second half of the year I also started to be active here on the LES website by writing almost every week a blog about whatever came into my mind or was 'hot' at the time. Furthermore, I went twice to Ecuador for the Yasuni-ITT Initiative (see Into the jungle: a travel diary of Yasuní and The Yasuní-ITT Initiative: forgone, but not forgotten!). I also went to the UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw (see COP 19: Warsaw Climate Change Conference), which inspired me to continue with the work I was doing at Hivos. My last weeks at Hivos were great as I had room to be creative and I had some other responsibilities. Indeed, during my last weeks at Hivos I was inspired and full of positive energy. This was also because I heard I passed for the AMID course. A good celebration was in place. And then, on December 20, my last day at Hivos was a fact. It was great meeting and getting to know all those hard working and inspiring people at Hivos and other places this year. And how does the story continues?

Well, as of January 1st I will dedicate my full time to LES and some other groups I'm involved with. This gives me a lot of positive energy and inspiration, and I hope LES will soon also be (financially) operational. With it, I will focus on the Yasuni-ITT Initiative of Ecuador, a book on the recplicability of the Initiative in other developing countries, and a project in Nepal which entails working together with the local slum community in Kathmandu to make their neighborhood and living conditions more bearable. This will be financed through crowd funding: one family here will fund one family there. And I already have my first funder arranged during the Springtij Festival on Terschelling, Netherlands, September 2013! In addition, I would love to start facilitating workshops / brainstorm sessions, working on (and supporting) creative business plans, and giving presentations on as broad as the topic sustainability is through the Speakers Academy.

With over 1500 unique visitors on the website this last month of 2013, I feel energized and a good vibe to work on LES full time. If you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, and offers please do not hesitate to contact me through info@laviniaes.com.

I hope the New Year will bring you as much positive energy and happiness as it probably will bring to me.


Let's lead together to More through LES in 2014!


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