Being Human 

About the Dalai Lama and in memoriam of Wubbo Ockels

May 22, 2014

Last time, I wrote about freedom, and this blog adds to that. Because it is about what it means to be human, living on spaceship Earth. Inspired by both the Education of the Heart event in Rotterdam where His Holiness the Dalai Lama spoke and Wubbo Ockels' vision (bless him in the sky because he passed away). So let's explore what both inspiring man say about what it means to be living on planet earth.

I'm not easily a fan of somebody, but of the Dalai Lama I'm already over 16 years. I have red many of his books, and he has been a support and inspiration throughout the years. So I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to go to Education of the Heart, where he was one of the main guest lecturers.

Now what does it mean to be human, according to the Dalai Lama? Well, one thing that stroke me was the remark of the Dalai Lama that 'he too, is stressed when he thinks he is the Dalai Lama, supposed to save many!' But when he reminds himself about the fact that he too is just a human being like all of us, he relaxes. I always thought he was like a superman, enlightened, and never stressed, frustrated or the like. Knowing that he too has to deal with this however, makes me more at ease. 

Being human also means to accept your make mistakes, I think. Also, as human kind we make mistakes. Just take the example of how we deal with our planet earth. We destroy it, and we know it. Though not all of us are conscious about it. One that was however, was Wubbo Ockels, former Dutch astronaut and professor at TU Delft. He passed away last Sunday, after having fought cancer for years. He wrote his last letter in January 2014, urging for humanity to take its responsibility and stand for human kind, with 10 commandments to put in practice in order to stop with our destructive behaviour. Indeed, he stated 'It is enough, we have gone too far !!! The Industrial Revolution has brought us in an unwanted state, we bulldozed through nature, we ruin our life support. We need to stop, we need to change, we need to choose another path, we need to update our lives and our ways of doing business'. We have to go to a new ethics, an ethics of humanity. Because we can do great things too, and that positive energy can transcend to another, promoting Happy Energy all over the globe, all being astronauts on planet Earth.

He was an inspiration for many with his ever lasting positive attitude and energy towards caring for spaceship Earth as much as possible with his different projects and clean/high tech innovations (see pictures). He always kept on going, even with several near death experiences.

So, this too is what I bring to LES as well as to the EU parliament if you vote for me (in The Netherlands). An honest human being on spaceship Earth, promoting and stimulating sustainable development for us all, human kind and nature. So vote today for, Lijst 17, nr 3.

Let's become conscious and take care of our only home.

We're all in this together!

The ecolution: sustainable sailboat of Wubbo Ockels



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