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April 24, 2014

Yes, you read it right: politics. Isn't that totally different from ecopreneurship? Not so much as you may initially think. But first of all, which party I'm in? What does it stand for? What role do I take in this? How does the future for LES looks like? Questions which I all aim to answer here. 

Let me start with the beginning. I was working in Paris, having a great positive and energetic time, as you could read in my former blog. Then, someone I know called me, Johan Wempe, asking me this a question which took me by surprise: if I wanted to be on the list of a new political party,, for the EU Parliament Elections on May 22, 2014, and I would need to answer that evening! I do have ambitions for taking my ideas and goals into politics, but I didn't expect to implement that plan already so soon and maybe more from a lobby side rather than from the inside out.

However, I seriously started to consider this opportunity. The next day, I called back and discussed options, the programme, the vision, and more. Most important for me was that the values of the party corresponds with my values. And that is the case. So, I came back earlier than planned to the Netherlands and met with the # 1 on the list: Michel van Hulten (84 years old) and the general campaign organiser Frans Schulte. It was an interesting conversation and we decided in the evening that I'm # 3 on the list.

Now, for what did I sign up for? What is the purpose of this new political party? Well: the party stands for honesty (anti-corruption), pro-Europe, solidarity and, not to be missed, sustainability. Honesty is the main theme of the party, next to being pro-Europe. Honesty because most of the rest depends on that. If not an honest policy and good governance on national and intra-national levels, than what can we do about solidarity and sustainability? It has often been proven that corruption increases poverty, inequality, worsens democracy and the general well-being of a nation state. Related is off course the development of sustainability. Off course, they are all interrelated, such as my brother Virgil Warnars has depicted in his thesis, and to which Amartya Sen (a famous development economist) also points out to. In addition, the party also stands for putting on the aspect of 'power' and the (mis)use of it on the (political) agenda. It also stands for discussing the issue of the rapid global population growth (by 2050, it is estimated that we will be with 9 billion people), which has profound (negative) effects on our environment as well as social and economic structures. With regards to sustainability, we aim at promoting Rights of Nature (see Rights of Nature), as well as concrete measures to implement that with regards to energy, food, housing, transport, products, services, etc.

But one aspect is very important to mention here: is not really a political party, but rather a movement and therefore different from the traditional, like-minded political parties. We have no political ties and we are supported through the crowd: a movement, while individuals on the list can contribute equally to the vision, mission and concrete goals of the party. So that corresponds also with me being a free and entrepreneurial woman able to develop, contribute and 'breath' while also politically active. Together with the fact that the vision and mission totally corresponds with my values, it made me decide to join.

Let me now explain what that means for LES. The elections are on May 22, so until then, I'm pretty much booked for the campaign. Depending on the results, I would either continue working on LES full time and implement all the great ideas for LES and projects. If the results turn out the be very positive, it would mean I will become an EU parliamentarian, however, I will still make time to work on LES. LES gives me concrete projects and activities which I may otherwise miss if I would be working full time in politics. I think it is necessary to stay in touch with real and concrete projects if you want to be a politician, because then you also know and stay in touch with the other side of society.

So don't worry, I will try to continue writing blogs, even in the admits of my political endaviours. Indeed, I will write blogs about my political life. So enjoy the next couple of blogs which mostly will be about the developments of this new path. And to all the Dutch reading this blog: check out the website and see if you want to vote on, and/or support, us. 



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