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29 April 2015

On April 18, 2015, I entered a conference hall with 1200 other like-minded entrepreneurs, and it gave me an incredible feeling of magnitude and impact. And this trickled down the whole rest of the weekend. I got the chills and got very excited about it! So many people wanting to make a change in the world, is very inspiring and motivating.

I am talking about the Business Bootcamp:

Nisandeh Neta, the creator and trainer of the Business Bootcamp is a business guru for thousands of small entreperneurs in the Netherlands. He and his team have the ability to get 1200 people enthusiastic, energetic and willing to do what is necessary to grow their business.

What was the content? Well, Nisandeh gave a lot of insights, tips, tricks, lessons and valuable advice on marketing, social media, networking and productivity. He proved for example that multitasking does not work. Most of it was a welcome reassurance for me, , but there was also much new to me.

The four quadrants to work on, were a big eye-opener; (1) contribution,(2) fulfillment,(3) independence, and (4) money. Luckily this is what I aim at doing already and it is paying off as I speak. In the end, what you put in, will also come out.

Nisandeh gave valuable tips about LinkedIN, other social media and talked about focus and structure. On LinkedIn he gave valuable insights, plus a link to a valuable LinkedIn report after the Business Bootcamp. One tip I already benefitted from: use your profile description to show how you can help your target audience . And tell them why you are qualified.

The Business Bootcamp also confirmed my belief in serendipity: trust in yourself and others that it will be alright, that the right person comes along at the right time.

But you have to grab opportunities when they present themselves. Trust and believe!


I’d like to present you with one opportunity now.


I can give you a free VIP ticket for the next Business Bootcamp.


The only thing you have to do is let me know in the comment box below BEFORE 2nd MAY 2015:

Why do you think your business deserves a VIP ticket for the Business Bootcamp?

After you submit your comment, I will send you your personal VIP code for registering for the Business Bootcamp.

Don’t wait and grab this opportunity now.

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Posted by Chantal on
I burst with ideas that all seem to be connected. But without focus no idea will succeed. I would like to get more focus to be able to live my dreams and to help people to live more sustainable and to give their children a natural childhood.
Posted by Lavinia Warnars on
Sorry Chantal. The time was over for winning a ticket. Subscribe to their newsletter and you will get other offers.

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