End Ecocide? Yes, please!


08 April 2015


Dear reader, 


It is time to take bold actions against corporates and those who do harm to the environment and our planet earth. But how? This must Polly Higgens been wondering before she came up with the idea of Ending Ecocide: a law-based action to protect mother Earth from beeing harmed on regards of fossil fuel extraction/resource extractions, climate change, GMOs, deforestation and more. It is considered the 5th crime of peace against humanity. Last wednesday I was at a presentation of Polly Higgens during the Springtij Masterclass, an inspiring evening full of ethics, law, and general care for our planet and its inhabitans. I saw many similarities to what we are doing as the Alliance for Leaving Fossil Fuels Underground in developing countries campaign (more about that in a later blog). We indeed collaborate with the Global Alliance on Rights for Nature and End Ecocide Europe. If End Ecocide can manage to get this through court, it will be the revolution for the environmental movement because it will be standing on solid ground in terms of suiing actors and change their harmfull behaviour. Here a short video of End Ecocide Europe.


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