Through LES, I’m on a mission: to enhance sustainability on a global scale, where social and ecological values are put first and are foremost important, rather than economic gain. But why? And why LES?

Background and early travels

Already when I was on high school, I had the continuous interest in environmental issues. This was probably due to my background of being the youngest of 6, with 4 brothers and 1 sister, growing up in a hectic, sportive, musical, adventurous, natural, widely oriented and creative environment. I went through the whole schooling system of the Rudolf Steiner philosophy, where my interest in many subjects was set.

At 12 years young, I had decided to go travelling for some time in Asia, especially Tibet and Nepal, after high school. And so I did as a young naive, though adventurous and driven young woman. Most incredible were Thailand, Nepal and Tibet. Thailand because of its beautiful beaches and climbing areas. Nepal because of its spirituality and mixes of cultures. Above all, it was amazing to stand on a 5000 meters mountaintop, enjoying the view of some 7000 – 8000 meters high mountains all around you, while looking down at lakes and small animals! Then Tibet: amazing, spiritual, and beautiful nature & people. With a short trip into China, back to Tibet and Nepal, I finished for teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharmsala, India. His Holiness has been one of my favourite and most inspiring persons since then.

University and early projects

During this trip, my interest for the connection between nature and people as well as my curiosity for studying and learning many subjects had developed to an incredible extent. After a ´roundtrip´ back home in the sense of what I wanted to do, I realised I needed to work for a cause, combined with an intellectual challenge. Social and Political Sciences of the Environment at the Radboud University it was. In my third year, I went to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, USA through an exchange programme called ISEP. Here my interests in global justice issues gained substantially, particularly social and environmental justice. I finished my Bachelor and started my Masters in the same subject.

During this year I was also the Chair of the student organisation Milieuprisma and initiated and coordinated Earth Day, Nijmegen (see projects). For my master thesis, I went to Ecuador for a six months research internship, focussing equity and power issues on the national and international scale related to the Yasuni-ITT Initiative (see Expert & Campaigner of The Yasuní-ITT Initiative). I worked closely together with the Yasuni-ITT team by writing the official document and articles, campaigning, and much more. I campaigned with the team during the United Nations Climate Change negotiations in Copenhagen in 2009.

In February 2010, I graduated cum laude in the Masters of Science in Social and Political Sciences of the Environment, Radboud University.

My vision of the future

After some projects here and there and after some more campaigning for Ecuador, I decided I needed a ‘sustainable’ way to share my ideas and projects. Therefore, LES came into existence in January 2011. With LES I aim to enhance real sustainable development on the international level. To realize a prosperous and happy society within ecological (e.a. biosphere climate, forests, water, biodiversity, ) and social limits and values (peace, justice & equity).

Further information regarding my CV, check my LinkidIN page.