LES is online!

I’m so excited with this since I have been working keenly and hard on this website in the hope to make it as the image of LES: creative, novel, fresh, inspiring, and motivating. The website will become more extensive along the way. For now, you can find some projects I have done in the past and some projects I’m currently working on. Furthermore, you can check out my Bio, LES, Media, and much more. The ‘LES prezi’ shows you everything you need to know about LES and myself in a comprehensive, though short and creative way.

I would like to thank some people who have been supporting me and LES along the way. First of all my sincere gratitude goes to my website designer: Pieter Beulens! Thank you so much for your work and comments! Furthermore I thank those who have inspired, motivated and pushed me. Most of them are my closest friends, mentors, and motivators. I’m not going to mention them all, but:


I would also like to thank those who are following me and my projects already for a while. Last but not least, YOU, the visitor of this website!

LES needs financial assistance and I would be extremely grateful with any Donation (small – big). Your donation will go a long way in making LES and its projects successful.

There is nothing left to say, except:

Let's lead together to More through LES! 

Lavinia Warnars,
Owner & Founder of LES