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- LES Coaching, More results! 

Inspiring & creative leadership coaching


Are you having trouble in your professional or personal life? To find the right balance? To find out what you really want? What your passions are? To create positive impact? Or are you just searching for a new adventure in your life? 

LES is not only implementing on inspiring and positive impact projects, but also offers creative and inspiring leadership coaching, with the focus on sustainability. LES does this with the belief that everyone has a passion and positive energy, you just have to find and tap into it! LES helps you find the right questions by going as in - depth as you wish, and offers it with flexibility and enthusiasm. Together with good preparation and research which is tailor made, LES aims to inspire and create positive impact with you. The platform You create for yourself, will go a long way in your personal and professional life, and even that of those who surround you: your family, your friends, your colleagues and even your boss!


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- Presentations, workshops/trainings and consultancy

LES presents its vision, mission, and activities with passion, creativity, and positive pragmatism. So are the workshops and trainings on related topics of sustainability, social business and international cooperation. Consultancy is done based on a personal, professional and constructive approach with creative solutions to your problems on the related LES topics. 

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- Ecuadorian Yasuní-ITT Initiative: expert & campaigner

FondoYasuni1.JPGThe Yasuní-ITT Initiative is a novel and creative project of Ecuador to develop in a sustainable way. The initiative may make Ecuador the first post-petroleum country. Here, you can read more about my work related to the Initiative regarding expertise, research, campaigning and consultancy.

More information? Check 'Yasuní-ITT Initiative Expert & Campaigner'






Earth_Day_1.JPG- Earth Day Nijmegen 2008

More information? Check 'Earth Day Nijmegen'Coordinator & Initiator of Earth Day, April 22, 2008 at the Radboud University Nijmegen, with a rapport on the sustainability scan of the university and policy advise.




- Bachelor thesis (2008): Aware of the Environment? Or the 

Environment is Aware?

Bachelor_Thesis.JPGAn explanation of the environmental awareness, attitude, and willingness to act of bachelor students from the Radboud University Nijmegen, 2008. 

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- Prosperity within Valued Limits (2011)

world_hands.jpgMy (former) PHD proposal: Prosperity within valued limits: novel governance initiatives stimulating moral human development shifts and sustainable development. The question to be answered is how novel governance initiatives are enhancing real sustainable development? With examples of Ecuador's Yasuni-ITT Initiative and the NGO Gaia Amazonas. 

More information? Check 'Prosperity within Valued Limits'