The LES Green Entrepreneurship Centre Nepal


The LES-Nepali Green Entrepreneurship Centre (The Centre) is an energetic incubator hub in Kathmandu training young entrepreneurs and offering them assistance in the development and realization of sustainability projects.

With the target of 8 projects annually conducted by total of 24 entrepreneurs the Centre will aim at improving living standards of local communities through promotion of renewable energy, sustainable buildings and architecture, sustainable agriculture, and nature conservation. LES aims at reaching over 2000 households per year with the services and products provided from the projects, such as access to green sources of energy. The access to energy is considered as a sign of high socio-economic status and leads to improved health. The Centre is an answer to high unemployment and to lack of empowerment among young Nepali graduates- an untapped entrepreneurial potential. The Centre will start in 2015 and will be run by three Nepali business professionals and coordinated by LES. The Nepali will manage the office and be of assistance to the entrepreneurs working in the office. In the first phase, young Nepali entrepreneurs coming to the office will be trained in sustainable business plans, green energy, project management, funding, leadership, positive impact, and co-creation. In the second phase, the entrepreneurs will initiate and implement sustainability projects (e.g. renewable energy, sustainable buildings & architecture, sustainable agriculture and nature conservation) in poor rural or urban areas. These areas and communities are targeted when in high need for (green and reliable) energy, sustainable buildings, agricultural sustainability and nature conservation.


The Centre will provide the Youth with their own platform to flourish and implement social and environmental impact projects, while improving the lives of communities. For instance, if firewood will be replaced by a solar cooker or biogas installation, the sooth and smoke will no longer be a problem to people's health and deforestation will decrease. The main purpose of the project is to inspire and encourage Nepali Youth to stay in the country and use their skills and knowledge to create social ventures to benefit society and environment. We will combine forces with the Rescue Mt. Everest waste cleanup crowdfunding campaign and therefore using the waste being collected on site for recycling projects of young entrepreneurs in Kathmandu. This cleanup campaign is already getting much traction and attention, and is therefore an excellent opportunity for LES to be present as well by organizing both crowdfunding campaigns of the cleanup and the Centre projects (see



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