Expert and Campaigner of The Yasuní-ITT Initiative

Yasuní, situated in the Amazon, is one of the most biological diverse parks in the world and it hosts several indigenous groups, of which two are living in voluntary isolation. However, the park also contains oil reserves. Ecuador proposes to leave the oil reserves of the ITT block in Yasuní untouched if the international community donates at least half of the revenues the state would receive by extracting it. The donations will be invested in nature conservation, renewable energy, and social projects.

The Initiative is supported by countries (i.e. Germany and Spain), celebrities (i.e. Leonardo diCaprio, Al Gore, Desmund Tutu, and Vandana Shiva) and organizations/institutions (i.e. UNDP, EU, WRI, and OPEC).

Next to my thesis, I have written several articles related to the project and presented the initiative during international meetings, such as the UN Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen, 2009. My thesis described issues of equity and power relations on the national and international level related to Yasuni-ITT.

Currently, I promote the initiative, especially in The Netherlands, together by working on Friends of Yasuni, a new NGO based in the Netherlands but supporting (sustainability) projects in Yasuni.

Also, a Dutch book is to be published as to promote the initative under a wide public.

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